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5th May 2018

Presentation Submission
15th May 2018

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Rs. 10,000/- (USD 200)

Delegate/ Co-author
Rs. 15,000/- (USD 300)

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Who should attend?

  • Coating Industry & related professionals
  • Oil & Gas Production / Processing
  • Oil Refineries, Petrochemicals
  • Fertilizers, Chemical & Process Industries
  • Power & Energy Industries
  • Infrastructure Companies
  • Corrosion, Integrity & HSE Professionals
  • Inspection & Maintenance Engineers
  • Design & Engineering Companies
  • Vendors & Suppliers of Coating
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Technical Institutes

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Welcome To ICST

Protective Coatings are the most widely used control measures to control Corrosion generally opted in the industry. A properly selected coating system can able to achieve its designed service life with minimal maintenance and repair. The majority of coating failures are caused by selection of the wrong coating, faulty surface preparation or application technique for the service environment. With good practices and understanding the standards and recommendations of the trained coating inspector, the possibility of coating failures can be reduced significantly, resulting reduction in coatings failures that can result in costly repairs, downtime, environmental issues, and health hazards.

The 2nd ICST provides a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art in the fields of industrial coatings, advanced extream coatings, surface treatment, linings and interfaces engineering, discusses recent advances and current problems, and points out the prospective development of the field.  The conference targets mainly the end users from the industry, decesion makers, service/ product related companies, engineers, managers, innovators and entrepreneurs. It will provide opportunities for the delegates to exchange face-to-face their novel ideas and experiences with the international experts during plenary & invited talks, oral presentations and posters sessions in important capital intensive industries like Oil & Gas Production, Refining, Process, Chemical, Fertilizer, Power & Infrastructure Industries and others.

Theme Topics of ICST 2018

  • Various Industrial Coatings, limitations & challenges
  • External Coating for Oil & Gas Pipelines, Water pipelines
  • External & Internal field joint Coatings
  • External Coating challenges for City gas distribution
  • Internal Coatings – Flow assurance coating
  • Internal Coatings-  Anti Corrosive linings
  • Coatings for Plant Piping and Above Ground storage
  • Rehabilitation  Coatings
  • Surface Preparation, Assessment & Best Practices of Coating Application
  • Organic, Inorganic & Metallic Coatings systems
  • Cryogenic, High Temperature & Composite Coating
  • Advanced & High Performance coating systems
  • Quality Control, testing, evaluation & Inspection Techniques
  • Coating Failures, repair/ rehabilitation and maintenance
  • Surface Engineering, Nano Technology, Plasma, Laser techniques etc
  • Thermal Spray, Galvanizing applications & Development
  • Refinery, Petrochemicals, Gas Processing
  • Pipeline (Internal/ External) coating, offshore & Marine structures
  • Chemical & Process Industries, Fertilizer, Power & Energy Sector
  • Concrete coatings, Infrastructure
  • Inspection & study of coatings including design & failure analysis

Delegate Registration

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+ 18% GST will be applicable as extra.

Corporate discount
10% additional discount if 3 & above nos. of delegates participated from same organization.
15% additional discount if 6 & above nos. of delegates participated from same organization.

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